The Trabuco: The Bad Neighbor Of Minerve

Long ago in the medieval lands of Europe there was a town known as Minerve. This place was a refuge to the Cathars who were fleeing persecution from the Catholic Church in the 13th century. The Cathars believed that the Catholic Church needed to be reformed. The Church no longer tolerated the Cathars and their heretical beliefs. So, they sent Count Simon de Montfort to wipe them out.

The Count was sent to destroy the stronghold of Catharism known as Beziers. This town was wiped out by Count Simon. The remaining Cathar supporters fled to the town of Minerve. Once they were there they fortified the surrounding community. The thing about Minerve was that it was also a stronghold that was hewn into the side of a mountain. It was more than just a city but a natural fortress as well.

When Count Simon arrived at Minerve he knew that he had to destroy every person in the fortress. He knew that he could not scale or bring down the fortress with conventional means. So, he used a powerful trabuco known as the trebuchet to batter the walls of this stronghold. He had one trabuco at his disposal known as The Bad Neighbor.


The Bad Neighbor was a powerful sling that could hurl two-ton rocks at targets over long distances. Count Simon had relied primarily on this powerful war machine to weaken the foundations of the enemy’s stronghold according to The two-ton rocks continuously crashed onto the side of the fortress. The Bad Neighbor was just one of the many different types of large scale trebuchets being used at the time. However, most people from that battle truly remember the devastating effects of the Bad Neighbor the most.

Over 200 soldiers, peasants, villagers, knights, priests and craftsman were massacred for being heretics or for being associated with heretics. After Minerve fell to Count Simon, this military commander was wiped out of existence by a stone from a trabuco in another battle. The memory of the Bad Neighbor still lives on.


Betsy DeVos Visits Florida Charter Schools With The Rapper Pitbull

Betsy DeVos recently joined up with Queen Rania of Jordan and Melania Trump to pay a visit to Excel Academy in Washington, which is a charter school for girls. During her visit, she commented on the great job that the school is doing to live up to the standards of the kids and the parents who sent them to the school. She also visited a spread of private schools in Florida including a charter school that was founded by the rapper, Pitbull. She made an appearance with Pitbull during her visit and talked more about the benefits of private schools.


Betsy DeVos has visited schools in Florida quite a few times as the Secretary of Education, and she has publicly stated that the schools in Florida are a model for the rest of the United States. She has plenty of reason to care so much about the “Sunshine State,” because her husband owns a home there and her father-in-law purchased the state’s NBA basketball team. She also paid a visit to CARE Elementary School, which is a beneficiary of the state’s Tax Credit Scholarship program, which is a law that gives people and companies who donate money to private schools tax incentives. DeVos also showed up to a couple other universities and colleges in Florida as well as public schools in the area.


Betsy DeVos was well aware of the fact that Pitbull had already been a part of the opening of numerous charter schools in Miami, and his school along with many charter schools in Florida, as a whole, are receiving large amounts of funding from the state capital. In the past, representatives of the state of Florida have pushed to relax charter school rules, and some of these representatives have also been a part of the schools by being invested in them on a personal level. Pitbull, who founded Doral College, helped to open its doors in 2013, and many people weren’t exactly happy about him being the head of the school due to his history of drug and alcohol abuse and profanity-laden lyrics. Some people aren’t exactly sure how Pitbull is having a positive effect on the different charter schools he is a part of other than showing up here and there to visit them. Some see it as beneficial, and others can’t help but see it as a marketing gig.


Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States, and she has always been a strong supporter of private schools and charter schools as well as the rights of a parent to choose where their children get an education. One of her favorite causes that she supports has to do with allowing vouchers paid for by the public that cover the costs of charter schools. These would help low-income families and other families who don’t have a choice as to where their children are going to school by providing them with the extra help they need to put their kids in the schools of their choosing.


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Madison Street Capital Wins 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

M&A Advisor Awards 2017

M&A Advisor, a prestigious Mergers, and Acquisitions company, recently held their annual Awards Gala located at the Metropolitan Club in New York on November 13, 2017. The event is participated by some of the best investment and financing companies in the US, as well as reputable individuals who are working in the financial industry. The 2017 M&A Advisor awarded Madison Street Capital as a winner for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year and for their transaction made for WLR Automotive. Madison Street Capital advised WLR Automotive a $ 13.2 million sale-leaseback of 5 of their branches that gave them the opportunity to raise capital and reinvest in their company.


The M&A Advisor awards started having their annual Gala to give recognition to notable transactions, companies, and dealmakers who have made a mark in the industry. Madison Street Capital was the leading Financial Dealer, besting out over 650 companies who are candidates for the award. Madison Street Capital’s CEO Charles Botchway remarked that he is very honored to receive the award for the company. He believes that the skills and knowledge provided by his team allowed them to excellently acquire transactions over the past couple of years. He believes that good strategy planning, watching over current financial trends and putting clients first is the secret to any investment business success.



Madison Street Capital Reputation

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm. Their company’s virtues uphold the highest form of integrity, leadership, service, and excellence in providing their clients’ appropriate financial advise, merging and acquisition processes, investment strategies, and valuation opinion on various public and private businesses. Madison Street Capital aims to provide top-notch service to position their clients in succeeding in the international market.


In landing new deals and providing a headstart on a client project, Madison Street Capital believes that integrating a client’s goal and objective to theirs is essential. Most clients look for their services ranging from financial allocations, profitable capital raises, M&A processes and business ownership transfer. With the interconnectedness and the ever-changing landscape of most business industries, Madison Street Capital believes that globalization of businesses becomes the core of their work. So far, they have achieved a high level of trust with their clients over due to their professionalism and dedication towards client satisfaction. Madison Street Capital hopes to help more businesses over decades to come, providing the best investment opportunities and business strategies that their clients need.


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lime Crime & Doe Deere: A Winning Combination

Cosmetics are some of the most fashionable and sought-after products. Some of the most prominent names in mainstream society comes from this specific industry. On an annual basis, the cosmetics industry generates billions of dollars. Lime Crime is one of the major players in cosmetics. The company/brand has been around for a solid decade, but it is continuing to improve for the better. Lime Crime is the red-headed stepchild of the cosmetic industry thanks to its unorthodox style. There is no other brand that can match Lime Crime’s uniqueness. Bold, rich hues and vividly bright colors is the name of the game. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd, then this is the brand for you.


Doe Deere is the creator of this magnificent brand. As a child, she was a hardcore fan of bright colors. Being such an artful and imaginative person, people tended to gravitate toward her. She is the kind of person who makes things popular. In other words, Deere is a trendsetter. When she was 13, Deere sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. At the time, temporary tattoos had just been introduced to the market, but Deere has helped to make the tats become very popular. The Russian-native immigrated to America when she was 17. Her goal was to become a musician and that’s exactly what she did. By being an important member of a band, she would get a chance to travel and to learn about the business itself. While playing in the band, Deere fell in love with one of her bandmates. This love would eventually spill over into marriage.


As of today, Doe Deere is a successful fashion/makeup designer. She and her husband reside in Los Angeles, but she spent her first 14 years in New York City. While in New York, she got a chance to embark on another one of her aspirations and that was to attend fashion school. Yes, Deere attended the prominent Fashion Institute of Technology where she majored in fashion design. Learn more:


Lime Crime came into fruition around 2004, but the brand’s official release was in 2008. At the time, the cosmetic industry lacked brightness, but Lime Crime has certainly filled the void. Female and males wear the products religiously, which are lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner and hair dye. In 2015, Deere was named by Self-Made Magazine as “One of The Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.” If you want kick-ass cosmetics, or if you want to be unapologetically pleasant, this is the best brand of choice.

How Hussain Sajwani Accomplished the Impossible

Hussain Sajwani worked after school as a boy for his father in the family store in Dubai. The store sold Chinese imports, consumer goods, and office supplies. Hussain mentioned to his father that he certainly would not be interested in being self-employed because the hours were too long. He would much rather get a degree and become a professional so his hours would be more regular.


As things worked out Hussain Sajwani did go to college in the US at the University of Washington where he earned a degree in engineering and economics. He then returned to Dubai where he was employed by a Dubai gas company.


Even though his sentiments as a boy where he told his father he wouldn’t enjoy being self-employed, Hussain did have quite a sense of working for oneself as he certainly learned a lot about business in general by working with his Dad. The job with the gas company did not last very long when Hussain formed a catering company that furnished food to the US Army in the Gulf Wars during the early nineties. This venture was a tremendous success and established a foundation for Sajwani’s future endeavors.


In 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties, a real estate management and development firm. He had correctly surmised that when the UAE lifted the restrictions on foreigners immigrating to the country, there would be a boom in real estate and land sales. He did not want to miss the opportunity. DAMAC Properties was to become the foundation of all things good and prosperous for the Hussain Sajwani family.


Sajwani started things off with a really fast start, as his very first project was totally sold out before the construction of the project had even begun. He was a brilliant promoter and marketing guru and became well-known for his innovative advertising strategies and tactics. One of his favorite slogans was, A New Bently With Each Apartment.”


This approach and others worked so well that soon, the DAMAC owner had made the brand well-known all throughout the country. DAMAC has sold to date, 19,000 apartments with another 44,000 in varying stages of completion.


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Robert Johnson and Securus Technologies Work to End Contraband Cell Phones

Many people understand that prisons can be dangerous. However, most people think this danger revolves around fistfights, verbal abuse, or knives. This means most people are surprised to learn that cell phones are actually one of the most dangerous items in a prison. If you don’t believe this, examine the story of Robert Johnson.


Johnson worked at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution back in 2010. He had been a corrections officer for 15 years, and his primary responsibility was to confiscate contraband items. His success at his job allowed him to intercept a package worth an estimated $50,000. This led to a hit being called on Johnson from a contraband cell phone. On the morning of March 5, 2010, an intruder broke into Johnson’s home and shot him.


Johnson survived, and the intruder, an ex-convict named Sean Echols, was arrested and convicted. During the conviction, it was confirmed the call to harm Johnson came from a contraband prison cell phone. Johnson has since made it his life’s mission to keep cell phones out of the hands of prisoners.


Thankfully, a company called Securus Technologies helps make this happen. A leader in correctional communication systems, Securus creates technology that blocks calls made from cell phones inside of prisons. This technology overrides the signals of the cell phone’s intended carrier, and it makes it impossible for a criminal to make phone calls to an associate.


The technology created by Securus is needed more than ever. Johnson’s story is horrific, but there are even more chilling examples. For example, a brutal stabbing of a prisoner was able to be streamed live over a contraband cell phone. Another chilling example involved a nine-month-old baby named Kendarius Edwards. Kendarius was shot and killed in his mother’s arms in Georgia after a criminal was ordered to do so through a call made on a contraband cell phone. It was later determined the uncle of the child had offended a convict inside of the prison. The convict made the contraband call to kill the child in retaliation.


Obviously, this madness needs to stop. This is why Securus has invested over $40 million dollars in the technology needed to block calls made from contraband cell phones. The company is also working diligently with wireless communication companies and lawmakers to streamline the process of getting Securus technologies into more prisons. Once these technologies are in place, any cell phone a prisoner is able to hide from a corrections officer will be effectively useless. This will prevent criminals from causing more crimes during their time in prison.


Take the time to share the above stories with friends and elected officials. Working together, the problem of cell phones in prisons can end.

Sussex Healthcare-The Leader In Audiology

One of the hidden conditions that often occur as we age is hearing loss. The changes in how you hear things happen gradually and too often, we are diagnosed with the loss of hearing. If you feel like other people often “mumble,” or have to repeat themselves while talking to you, it is possible that hearing loss is occurring. If you have to have the volume on the television or radio up high-it could be a change in your hearing. Even if you just notice that you have a hard time distinguishing words on the phone, it is important to recognize these indicators of hearing loss.

Sussex Healthcare Center for Audiology is seasoned experts in the field. Their mission is to ensure a quality hearing for every person. They are leaders in the field of audiology and have been recognized by such organizations as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and they are credited through the QIPS in the UK. The quality of these Centers is the highest level as they use state of the art equipment, highly trained audiologists and the highest professional and ethical requirements. The Sussex Healthcare also have developed an unmatched rule from the government with regular audits for patient safety and ethical policies.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges

If you are wondering what the Sussex Healthcare can do to remedy your hearing issues, they have a wide variety of technology and instruments. Their hearing aids can change your life by enhancing the sound you receive, therefore enhancing your quality of life. Hearing instruments are created to increase the volume and clarity of the sounds you hear, whether it is important events with your family or strategic meetings for work. Better hearing gives you more confidence as you can clearly hear and respond to things and people around you.

If you are experiencing the complete loss of hearing or just trouble hearing clearly, you are not alone. Statistics show that 1 out of every 6 people in the UK have some type of hearing loss. Most of these people are experiencing a gradual loss of hearing. 70% of those people over 70 and 40% of those over 50 reports having some sort of hearing problems.

The most important thing you should consider is that the longer it takes you to seek help for your hearing is that the longer you wait the greater the damage to your hearing. Sussex Healthcare for Audiology has clinics in Surrey, Sussex, and Berkshire to serve you.

The Myth Of National Steel Car

A Legend As If It Were Gold

Steel has no comparison to gold and the beauty of gold’s metallic sheen. Steel doesn’t shine unless it’s been processed to, and that takes extra work. The irony within the different compounds and structures of gold and steel is based on application. Gold doesn’t have the same components as steel does and is therefore subject to more decay and wear.


An old piece of steel that exists today, however, can be formed into many different objects during its lifetime. Gold can only be melted so many times before it begins to lose its body. It would seem that the high demand for gold in the world is proof of its value being greater than steel. Taking a look at the basic math may encourage you to think otherwise.



The Brilliance In Steel’s Application

There’s one Northern American and Canadian rail-car manufacturer who puts into place a practice that increases the value of steel and surpasses that of gold. National Steel Car began in the early 1900s and has serviced the Northern hemisphere since. The agency works to develop the best innovation for steel railway cars and the technology they house within constructed steel frames. Visit This Page  to learn more about the company and its President and CEO, Gregory James Aziz.


Rail cars operate on railway systems that are built from steel and that enable tons of products or services to be delivered without delay. The innovation of National Steel Car works to improve the locomotive process and the transportation machines that the railway system uses. The agency is growing larger every day and does so on the foundation of innovation. ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.



The Manufacturing Of Steel Cars

Steel cars are a name giving to the variety of rolling stock as used by a railway system. Rolling stock is also used to refer to the number of cargo freights that can carry so much product that the value of the cargo is priced with Wall Street stocks. The priceless addition the railway system has made for society deals with connectivity.


The world is expanding and so are the nations we have growing today. The National Steel Car developer takes the expansion of world economies and then uses it for the basis of business expansion within its own firm. This agency is currently supporting emerging business ties between the United States and Canada. These nations connect via railway and why National Steel Car is a booming business.


The Career Achievements of Dr. Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., became a member of 5AM ventures in the year 2003. where after one year, he assumed the role of Managing Partner. He has a long working experience in the management of the healthcare industry which spans over 30 years. Dr. Rocklage’s leadership role has led to the approval of some medicines by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These drugs include Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin. Rocklage has offered his corporate management services to numerous organizations in the health sector. They include Relypsa, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Catalytica and Salutar and Nycomed Salutar.


The Academic background of Dr. Scott Rocklage is also very rich. He has earned his degrees from two Universities that are well renowned in the US and the world over. Rocklage graduated from Berkeley’s University of California with a degree in Bachelors of Science. He would later earn a doctorate in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. Rocklage says that he was among the very few lucky students who had the honor to use the Richard R. Schrock’s lab to conduct their research work. In 2005, the man for whom the lab is named after, Richard R. Schrock, won a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to Research and Chemistry.


He also served as the Board Chairman at Novira and Relypsa. While at Cubist, Dr. Rocklage served as the Board of Directors Chairman and CEO. Cubist is a company that deals with pharmaceuticals. Dr. Rocklage also held positions in the development and research departments in Catalytica and Salutar. He serves as board chairman in three other firms including Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara. Rocklage has in the past served as a Board of Directors chairman with Executive powers for three separate organizations including Ilypsa and Semprus.


Rocklage has contributed to more than 30 patents in the United States and published numerous research papers. He sits on the Associates Board at Whitehead Institute and spends most of his time in Boston, Massachusetts where his offices are located. Whitehead Institute is a non-profit research and educational facility for research in the field of biomedicine. Dr. Rocklage’s achievements have earned him a special place among the renowned personalities in research and the healthcare industry in the US and around the globe.


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Josh Smith: Creating Modular Greenhouses

There are many inventions being introduced to the world today which mimics the natural environment, and their primary objective is to solve the problems being faced by humanity. Just recently, a company named NexLoop was rewarded with $100,000 for their invention dubbed as the AquaWeb. It mimics how organisms capture water, and store it for later use. The winning project will be crowfunded, so that it can be mass produced and sold to the public. The invention was created to solve the problem with water scarcity, and its creators are hoping that they will be able to help urban farmers by capturing the moisture in the atmosphere and transform it into usable water.
The AquaWeb is just one of the few innovations that are getting attention these days because of their potential in solving the problems that humanity is facing. Joshua Smith, the chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses, is one of those who are using his skills and talent to develop greenhouses that are environment friendly and at the same time, revolutionary. Smith developed greenhouses to be built similarly like Lego bricks, complete with all of the required necessities for operating a small greenhouse. The company of Josh Smith is based in Reno, Nevada, known for its hot climate. Josh Smith thought of how he can build a greenhouse that can support a wide array of plant life, and he managed to develop the technology by researching about greenhouses.

Today, the Reno, Nevada-based company is able to sell their products across the United States and even overseas. The greenhouses created by Modular Greenhouses are designed to get the most sunlight possible to assist in the growth of the plants inside. It also uses small amounts of energy, and all of the resources being used inside the greenhouse including the water are recycled so that nothing is wasted. People who have tried using the greenhouses from Josh Smith’s  Reno, Nevada-based company are happy about the results. They stated that the plants are noticeably healthier when grown inside the greenhouse, and they are very happy to say that their crops are also organic and pesticide free, and has a great value in the market.