Why Barbara Stokes is an innovative leader

Disaster relief construction is an industry that is considered to be tough. That is why it is not easy to succeed in this industry if you do not put the necessary effort that is required. The sector is a complex one, and it needs a proper strategy to produce good results. For example, you may find that at times there is a huge business, but during some months of the year, there is fluctuation. However, Barbara Stokes is achieving a lot with her company known as Green Structure Homes. The company is based in Alabama and deals with disaster relief construction. She has a vision to be innovative in the industry and achieve what many may think is not possible. She has some of the best leadership skills, and that is why she successfully runs her company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.


Barbara Stokes came up with great services that are useful to many. There is the designing of buildings, and one can choose onsite construction mainly when dealing with modular and mobile homes. GSM has also ventured in the commercial sector, and they are doing well. Their other focus is offering residential constructions. She serves as the CEO of the company and ensures operations are working well. She is the one in charge of ensuring they are innovative, coming with strategies for growth and deals with issues of government regulation.

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Barbara Stokes has achieved such success because of her understanding of being innovative in the industry. She also ensures customers are served according to their demands, and they are satisfied. Her company gives some of the best housing solutions in the country. The aim is to offer services that are economical, uses energy efficiently; they are environmentally friendly and use of advanced technology. These are attributes that make her company be the leading in the industry. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The Accomplishments Of Bruno Fagali

Some professions require more attention than others. For instance, the law career in Brazil. Besides completing the law degree, one has to pass the bar examinations. The bar association also carries out auditing activities in the law schools to ensure the quality of education is not compromised.

Excelling as a lawyer in Brazil is more difficult because the competition is very high given that the majority of the youths in Brazil chose to practice law. There are also multiple law schools in Brazil. The state of Brazil has many schools than the law schools in the rest of the world combined. There are 8000 approved lawyers and another three million that is not certified.

Bruno Fagali has been able to create a name for himself despite the tough competition. He is the founder of the Fagali Advocacy, which is the largest firm in Brazil. The firm represents the premium organizations and individuals in the nation. It has an excellent reputation for winning in complex cases. The winning is as a result of the high education that Bruno has. He acquired his degree from Pontifical Catholic University. He went ahead and obtained a master’s degree in the University of Sao Paulo. Bruno can also understand four different languages.

The other thing that makes Bruno Fagali famous is his commitment to creating a corruption free society. He fights corruption in all capacities. The public appointed him to represent their needs to the government. He helped the two parties understand why the disagreements existed. Bruno Fagali has also straightened things in the banking facility. He has helped the Central Bank in introducing the compliance law. He says that to avoid the conflict of interest, all the executives need to understand their responsibilities in the institution. The compliance law will improve the banking facility of Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is not only concerned about the law of Brazil but the international law as well. He is keen to note the changes that occur. His firm helps in clarifying the questions on the international law.

If you have a case that you need to win; sign up with Bruno for professional representation. His clients describe him as a compassionate lawyer who is concerned with the well-being of his clients.

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James Dondero Bringing Hippo’s Back to Dallas!

Communities can suffer significantly without the support of their more successful residents or government officials. At times, it is because of the generosity of the more well-off residents that can keep a town on the path toward progression and advancement. Visit Patch.com to know more about James. James Dondero is one of those very generous figures within a community that can help their city thrive by merely caring for the people in their neighborhoods. James has a passion for the city of Dallas Texas, and he uses the success of his financial career to give back to the community he holds so dear; That is why the Dallas Zoo has built the Highland Capital Lodge within their new hippo habitat. Now it might seem curious that a zoo would build a facility and name it to honor an investment firm, but when James Dondero co-founds the investment firm in question, then it all becomes clear. James Dondero and his Highland Capital Management firm donated one million dollars to the Dallas Zoo so that they might be able to rebuild their beloved hippopotamus exhibit for the families of Dallas to enjoy once again.

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James also used the help of his philanthropic networking to help other local organizations to get in touch with the zoo to place their contributions as well. Totaling fourteen million dollars, James Dondero and several other local philanthropists came up with the needed funds for the zoo to open their brand new two-acre hippo habitat! The Dallas Zoo recently opened up the habitat for the public’s much-awaited enjoyment, and the crowd could not be more pleased. With a new place to roam around and explore and plenty of happy faces to greet them all the time, the two new hippopotamus residents, Adhama and Beipolo, couldn’t be more excited to live in their new habitat. Another reason that this habitat is so critical to not only the city of Dallas but the animal kingdom is that Adhama and Beipolo are hoped to mate so that they might breed and support the dying population of the endangered hippo. Without donations from philanthropists like James Dondero, miraculous events like this one might not be able to manifest. Visit highlandfunds.com to know more about James Dondero.


Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of elementary schools which perform well in the less privileged communities. Their headquarters are located in Redwood City in California. This network was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith who later opened their first school in California the following year. Danner has the initiative to develop enough schools after some point to educate at least one million students. Rocketship Public schools have served more than 15000 students of which a large percentage are students from low socio-economic backgrounds. Rocketship has increased its network to Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington D.C and Bay Area which has most of the schools located there. Reed Hastings donated two million dollars to the system to facilitate growth in the Bay Area. Rocketship has received donations from the Obama administration, Andre Agassi and the Education ministry who offered a grant which advocated for the building of new schools.

Rocketship education emphasises on talent development where it helps every student reveal their full potential in classroom activities and beyond. Every student has a right to proper education to promote equity and decrease the achievement gap between the poor and prosperous of the society. The teachers work hand in hand with the students to come up with classroom management generalship, engaging parents and guardians and create plans on how to do their lessons. Tutoring and online learning programs are some of the models that the Rocketship education try to emulate. This will give the students knowledge on how to cope with situations of the outer world and equip them with technological advancement. Statistics of the 2016-2017 academic year revealed that 75% of the students were learning English as their other language.

Parents play a vital role in the education of their children by how much he or she will invest in their education. Teachers ensure to visit the children’s home to know their way of living and also know what can affect the child when learning. When teachers have a better interaction with the children families, it is easier to ensure each student is learning the right lesson at the appropriate time. Parent power, personalised training and talent management are the three critical pillars of Rocketship education network.

Fuse videos into your company with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion helps already-savvy companies stay ahead of their competition via video marketing. More and more people turn to the internet, either via browser or via apps, in order to learn, and one popular method of consumption is by watching videos, rather than scrolling through paragraphs of content.


Started in 2007, Talk Fusion crosses the divide between companies and customers. Their video platform works on both traditional computers as well as mobile devices, and recently a unique video chatting app has been added to the arsenal. But by far Talk Fusion’s most popular product is video email, which offers companies a nearly foolproof way to embed videos into emails and newsletters.


Why choose video? Simple: it’s what your customers are using to learn, explore, and purchase. Personalized emails are taken up an additional notch with the use of personalized videos, and the resulting clickthroughs are sure to support the continued usage of in-email videos.


In addition to customized videos, Talk Fusion can also be utilized as a private messaging platform for companies and customers to communicate on. Your company will be able to create a custom name and look for a secure and private online conferencing room, and host national as well as international video calls. You can send written messages back and forth on that platform as well. Invite customers easily via email or text links.


Whether you’re just getting a new company off the ground, or you want to breathe life into a stagnant company, Talk Fusion offers you plenty of professional and easy-to-use tools to get the jobs done.


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Organo Gold Coffee: Sharing With The World

Organo Gold is so unique, you will not find it at any local store. It also will not be at your local coffee shop to enjoy either. Instead, the company from Canada has created a successful networking of their coffee beverages through distributors all across the world. They gear the Organo Gold brand toward the healthy lifestyle coffee drinker. Watch this video on Youtube.

They have a vast product line that includes nutritional shakes and flavored teas. This includes the delicious ganoderma blends of hot chocolate, supplements and lattes. Many entrepreneurs have joined the Organo Gold team to become a distributor. They have found financial freedom in providing the beverages to surrounding communities and all around the world. There are no restrictions to join as a distributor. If you love coffee and enjoy being around others with the same vision, you are a perfect candidate as a distributor.

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Who is the genius behind Organo Gold? It began with veteran networking businessman Bernardo Chua. He came up with the idea to offer his coffee beverage to a variety of people from coast to coast instead of keeping it locked down on a grocery shelf. Chua saw the opportunity as coffee lovers grew in the Western and Eastern states. As of this date, places like Seattle and San Francisco have the most coffee drinkers who demand organic farming and bean origination from the regions. Organo Gold has continued to strive and find it own unique success in a challenging market. They use a Scientific Advisory Board along with a chief medical consultant to assist in their decisions when running the business. The distributors are welcome to purchase from the Organo Gold wholesale facilities and share in all the profits. This has created a domino effect for the company and has generated a lot of revenue over the years. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

How Alex Pall Found his Lifetime Path

In the world of music, being diverse works well for artists and they, therefore, do not have to concentrate on one genre of music. By trying out various fields of music, it becomes easy to gain different experiences as the artists address a variety of audiences. Additionally, an artist can opt to feature other artists in their music based on their contribution and the impact they are likely to bring. In the case of Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers band, he featured a renowned artist Halsey, and in that case, this artist’s popularity is likely to help the music sell undoubtedly. Being flexible in regards to content, rhythm and the kind of people to involve in any music is important as it helps an artist realize their strengths and weaknesses and therefore invest in the right purpose. Surprisingly for Alex Pall, he started off as a DJ before getting into music entirely after realizing that was what he was meant to pursue after all. In that case, it is evident that one can begin on one note and end up in another depending on the passion and commitment that comes at play. Andrew Staggart on his part knew what he wanted to pursue considering that he was in love with music from way back though he also had some interest in being a DJ.

By the time Alex Pall and Andrew Staggart were meeting, they already had similar ambitions which made it easy for them to bond and work together without much struggle. In that case, identifying the kind of company one would connect with easily in any activity helps in saving time in that, whatever needs to be done gets done efficiently. The kind of confidence in the interests they both had in themselves, and each other is what made them get started as soon as they met. Constant meetings with relevant people who mattered in their music also helped them achieve a lot within a short time. Therefore, when it comes to working towards a certain objective, only the people that matter should be involved as everyone else may bring a go slow as they do not understand what the activity entails.



A Guide To Seattle Genetics via Dr. Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is propped at the top of the apex as one of the premier cancer-fighting organization in modern-day society. This particular organization is located in Bothell, Washington, and it employs over 900 individuals. Yes, this is 100 percent accurate. The organization has been around for two decades, and it is now worth an estimated $10 billion. Just over the last few years, the organization’s stock has actually tripled. It has a pipeline of advanced drugs that are waiting to be approved, but its flagship drug has gone on to save millions of lives. This drug is known as ADCETRIS, and it is now being used in over 60 different countries worldwide. So, how did this come about?

Seattle Genetics is actually the creation of Dr. Clay Siegall. This extraordinary man got together with a few of his closest associates and opened a new biotech-oncology company in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Siegall has remained with the company through the thick and thin. He is now one of the most respected individuals in the game because he brings so much to the table. One of the biggest reasons for the organization’s success is via principles. Dr. Siegall has embedded his three core principles of drug development, scientific innovation and rigorous research right into the program. Being such an “old-guard” of the game, he has provided copious amounts of research and data on each advanced medication.

The older chemotherapy treatments have become a relic to some degree. These medications can literally hurt the patient more so than help the patient. Dr. Siegall started his mission to find more efficient cancer treatments after the death of his father. He has earned multiple degrees, has written up to 70 cancer-related publications and has at least 15 patents under his belt. This only scratches the surface to what this man has achieved, and it will not be the end of what he has set out to do.

Betsy Devos – on topic article

At 59, this wealthy Republican Party donor, married to heir Dick DeVos (whose father, Richard DeVos, founded Amway), is first and foremost a politically influential woman in the state of Michigan, where she once headed the local branch of the Republican Party. However, her faith in private schools is what has resulted in her being named as the Secretary of Education. For Betsy DeVos and the promoters of charter schools, these schools offer students an alternative “choice” to the public schools that are in the line of fire of the conservatives because of the influence of the unions and the impossibility of dismissing teachers who are considered to have done a lousy job.


Also, Betsy DeVos’ father, Edgar Prince, founded the conservative and religious Family Research Council in 1983. She is the wife of Dick DeVos, the son of the businessman Richard DeVos, whose wealth was estimated at 5.4 billion dollars in 2016. She strongly feels that the parents ought to have the right to select the right academic atmosphere for their very own offspring, and this is what she said at her January 17 Senate hearing. Her confirmation was also the first time in history that a Vice-President has voted for approval, as the Constitution allows in the event of a tie.


She also chaired the Republican party’s local branch for the state of Michigan. Her Democratic opponents reacted after her hearing by the Senate on the 17th of January, during which her stances against the public school system reinforced the opinions of the Democratic senators. Remember, the DeVos have used their wealth extensively to support political causes that are important to them.


Michigan is a laboratory for the creation of “charter schools,” private schools partly financed by public funds. Still a candidate, Trump promised to redirect $20 billion in federal funds to develop private schools. At the head of a fortune estimated at several billion dollars, the DeVos family generously gave over 200 million dollars to the Republican Party.


Her fortune is also the 88th largest fortune in the United States, according to Forbes magazine. Michigan is one of the examples of how choice has led to a change in the educational system. Betsy DeVos is also notably pro-private school. It was also through the vote of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence that she was able to win a majority of the votes of the Senate and thereby confirm her appointment.


The United States Secretary of Education said that it was “possible” that her family had contributed about 200 million dollars to the Republicans over the years, notes Forbes. Betsy DeVos has long been a strong advocate for the development of private education in the United States. Also, to promote the charter school movement at the national level, Betsy DeVos founded the American Federation for Children in 2010, which some on the left also support. Therefore, it is clear that her efforts to promote the charter school movement will continue now that she is the United States Secretary of Education.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

The wonderful Chainsmokers

The wonderful Chainmokers

The Chainsmokers have been trending recently for their amazing songs. They have released hits which have risen to high levels making them popular. They have released twenty-five singles, fifteen music videos, thirty-five remixes, one studio album and three EPs. The song “selfie” was their breakthrough song which they had released in the year twenty fourteen. It made them popular and gave them a wide platform in which they could have their music played and listened by many people. They however did not disappoint as they continued to release amazing songs and this so their success rise for every hit they brought into the music industry.

They tirelessly worked hard to impress the fans with their songs and after a couple of release they were honored to receive an award as a way of appreciation to the amazing work they were doing. In the year two thousand and sixteen the Chainsmokers released a single “closer” which became number-one singles on the billboards and managed to retain the position for two months. Their journey has been successful and they were voted number-one in the Dance Artist on Billboard’s Dance hundred. The Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were also honored to perform at the epic Ultra Miami where they gave all their best and did not disappoint the fans.

In January the year two thousand eighteen the EDM/pop released a single called “Stick Boy”. Drew Taggart’s vocals of the Chainsmokers together with more live instrumentation made the song to be amazing as compared to other previous songs. The Chainsmokers have gotten a chance to perform in most of the popular places in Miami and they are known great energy when on stage and delivering the best in their performance. Finally, the Chainsmokers believe that their success is based on hard work and always wanting to give quality all that they do.