Malcolm CasSelle Buys Into Blockchain Trend

According to Malcolm CasSelle the newest trend he find the most exciting is the Blockchain. In fact, in a recent interview with Ideamensch he described the Blockshain as “Internet 3.0”. “The blockchain is a problem solver for so many fundamental drawbacks,” CasSelle state, “Billions of micro-transactions occur everyday cross border, tech that solves transaction problems is an obvious invention.” He is referring to the existence of fraud and fragmentation within cryptocurrency markets. Almost every industry has its own version fraud that causes problems, but for cryptocurrency the tech security firms hired to protect users is even more troublesome. The process in using middlemen slows transaction to a crawl, and this is before currency exchange plays a factor. CasSelle sees Blockchains as the future, and he believes in it so much, that he has actually led OPSkins into investing in it.

Earlier this year OPSkins, a global leader of in-game asset sales, announced the creation of the WAX platform. Malcolm CasSelle who is the CIO for OPSkins, was also named president of WAX. Worldwide Asset eXchange is a P2P network that provides trading capabilities between players across a network of games. It operates in a decentralized marketplace, uses tokenization to handle finances, and utilizes Blockchains to facilitate the trading. Blockchain tech uses cryptography to form smart lists. These lists take into account a user transaction history, recording every transaction they make. This weeds out scammers and allows reliable sources to trade with one another. It also cuts out the middleman so the transactions do not slow down.

Malcolm CasSelle is an international entrepreneur, businessman, innovator, and early stage investor. He is credited with the formation of at least three multi-million dollar companies, and has held key positions in other multi-million dollar business as well. He is a graduate of both MIT and Stanford with corroborating bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science. His first company was called NetNoir and was formed in 1995. He was CTO and President of New Ventures at Tronc Inc. before coming to OPSkins. Before that he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for SeaChange International.

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Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is a man of many talents. Apart from being the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, he is a renowned motivational speaker and has written loads of inspirational books. QI Group of Companies is a giant conglomerate with investments in different sectors of the economy including education, real estate, hospitality, direct selling and retail. The company has its services offered in more than 30 countries.

Vijay earned his degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. He later moved to the United States of America where he worked in corporates before making a return back to Asia. He established a direct selling network in 1998. The firm rapidly grew to become a leading global company.

He believes in the spirit of giving and is famous for founding the RYTHM Foundation, an arm of the QI Group that deals with philanthropic activities around the world. He has also established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, based in Malaysia. It partners with the local charitable organizations to fund and spearhead projects that relate to youth development, the empowerment of women, special education among others.

Eswaran is a talented author and is known for writing the Sphere of Silence, a book that talks about life management. The book has achieved immense success and has been translated into several languages such as Farsi, Bahasa Indonesia and German. Other books written by Eswaran include: “In the Thinking Zone”, “18 Stepping Stones”, “Two Minutes from the Abyss and “On the Wings of Thought”. Apart from being an author, Eswaran has also been a columnist in mainstream news publications.

He believes in the sphere of silence which was introduced to him by his father. Eswaran was born to a Malaysian family that originate from India. He is married to Datin Sri Umayal and lives between various places including London, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.