Steve Lesnard Shares Two Concepts For Making Effective Advertising

According to digital marketing wizard Steve Lesnard, there are two main principles to follow when creating an advertising campaign. He says that the digital world and social media have dramatically changed how to successfully launch a new product. Companies have choices on how to market something new which is beneficial but can also be counterproductive if the ad campaign isn’t effectively managed.

He says that brands that cut through the clutter have a couple of things going for them. The first is that their message is simple. This makes the message memorable. Steve Lesnard says that when a company introduces a new product they need to be clear in articulating exactly how it benefits consumers. They need to quickly and simply say what is new and better about it. How does it improve people’s lives in the real world?

He is a big fan of Apple marketing. He points to their ad campaign for the iPod which just stated, “10k songs in your pocket”. This was very simple and effective because it told you exactly how it would make your life better. As Apple continues to release new versions of their products they use simple ads to give people a reason to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

The second idea of effective marketing is bringing a product to life in order to make it real for consumers, Steve Lesnard says. You need to craft an ad campaign that is crystal clear about how it benefits people that buy this new product. Show people in a video how it looks on their body, what it does better than anything else, and in what situations a person would use it.

His example of great marketing using this concept is Yeti who makes coolers. They used brand ambassadors to introduce people to their premium coolers and how it fits into people’s outdoor lifestyles in a clean and simple way. They convey in simple terms how Yeti’s coolers keep things either cooler or warmer while you’re out in nature enjoying an adventure. He says to show the main benefit that a company wants their product to be mostly known for.

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The outstanding career of Mathew Fleeger

Mathew Fleeger is a well-known executive with exceptional traits. Being a trailblazer in the oil and gas industry, he has grown his career into an outstanding one through the caution and compassion he exercises at his place of work. His career thrives through the harsh market and his tactics are behind the man he is today. The Gulf Coast Western oil and gas company was founded in 1970 and his family owns it. He took leadership of the company form his able father who is also a budding entrepreneur. He acquired most of his skills from his family members who were always ready to instill their business knowledge to their son.

Mathew Fleeger has stayed focused towards his plans at the company. Since taking over the venture, he has explored a vast number of opportunities in the sector to identify the best ones that he can invest in to grow the company. His concerns and efforts to grow the company have already seen it establish many other ventures in various areas like Oklahoma, Texas, among many others. He likes to count his cards right and whenever he suspects that his business is heading in the wrong direction, he does all he can to solve the issue immediately. His ability to stay alert in his business matters has enabled him to get rid of every challenge that could affect the operations of the company.

Mathew Fleeger also partnered in investing in many other companies to multiply the assets of his company. Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration is one of the most exceptional partners of the oil and gas firm through the acquisition of the assets of the firm. Mathew`s strategies have favored the continuation of the gulf coast western venture and he has never gone wrong on matters of collaborating with other successful companies.