How it Came to Be

After their retirement, Randy Ray together with Wendy Lewis decided to make the world a better and happier place and this they did through the launch of their youth enhancement products on the ninth day of September the year 2009.

The company was bound for success because the two co-founders had been successful in other ventures. Jeunesse Global has today grown into a worldwide platform thanks to technology, and thus millions of people worldwide can access these amazing products that are offered by the company.

The Youth Enhancement System

The Youth Enhancement System, alias the Y.E.S System, is a range of skincare products and supplements developed by Jeunesse Global. These products serve the purpose of helping people stay young both physically and mentally.

In the physical aspect, the products offered include but are not limited to Luminesce®, instantly ageless™, AM Essentials™, PM Essentials™ and ZEN BODI™.

In its journey of helping people look and feel younger, it is worth noting that Jeunesse Global focuses more on anti-aging products. This is because a majority of their products have anti-aging formulas namely: instantly ageless, AM Essentials, Luminesce and PM Essentials. Nonetheless, other physical aspects are also well catered for as there is ZEN BODI for physical fitness through the burning of excess fats, control of appetite and the development of muscles. Other than that, there is a supplement known as Nevo™, a blend of natural fruit juices that serves as an energy booster with only 50 calories contained in it.

In the mental aspect, there is MIND™, a supplement for concentration and the clarity of one’s memory.

Product Distribution

The market coverage of Jeunesse global is worldwide with the company shipping their products to more than 88 countries across Asia, the Americas, some parts of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. As a result, the company has a network of distributors all around the world.

Sameer Jejurikar MD- Well Renowned Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a well-respected plastic surgeon in the Dallas area. He specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In addition, he performs many non-surgical procedures in house. Dr. Jejurikar has an extensive career that spans over two decades in creating amazing results for his patients. He shares a passion for perfecting his craft and also values the relationships he develops with his patients. Among most of Dr. Jejurikar’s clients, he is known as very personable and compassionate towards his patients, especially in addressing their questions, concerns as well as their expectations.

His private practice is located in the famed Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, the heart of Texas where he has called home for the past ten years. Dr. Jejurikar is a board certified plastic surgeon and prides himself in being able to produce tangible results that empower his clients to feel better about themselves, building on their self-confidence. He is also dedicated to continual education into the latest technological advances in the field of plastic surgery and also focuses on developing safer processes in both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Jejurikar has an extensive educational background in his specialty. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and attended the University of Michigan Medical Center for his residency. He also earned a minor in aesthetic surgery from the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Dr. Jejurikar is a member of many associations including the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Medical Association and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has also been published in numerous journals such as Aesthetic Surgery Journal and Journal of Surgical Research.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is also affiliated with the Dallas Day Surgery Center, the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and also the Texas Health Surgery Center Dallas.

Nick Vertucci as a Relentless Poker Player

Given that Nick Vertucci is a part-time poker participant, you can just believe that his skills arrive normally. Most likely, they will have already been processed through yéars of knowledge in the property. You can just question just how Vértucci’s texas hold’em video game might shine in the event that he spent 100% of his period into the video game.

Nevertheless, such a dáy will likely by no means come, mainly because Nick Vertucci’s trué passion is normally in NVREA. Nick Vertucci likes assisting others to build théir understanding and self-confidence toward becoming accomplished property traders. Instead of playing regular, Vertucci plans to keep his dedication to assisting his community by giving workshops and classes for business owners of all types. Additionally, this individual continues to market his brand-new bóok, Seven Shape Decisions: Having the Projectiles to achieve success, which usually is aimed toward helping not merely investors, yet anyoné seeking to do something toward personal grówth.

In 2016, Nick Vertucci required a chair at the Globe Group of Texas Hold’em with á buy-in óf $1,500. Out of 7190 traders and using a prize pool of $9,706,500, Vertucci rated 828th, acquiring house $2,532. Whilst his efficiency didn’t place him in initial place, the earn designed that Vértucci’s rank on thehendonmob. com might rise, a recognizable accomplishment in the pokér sector.

The Hendon Mób is normally 4 professional texas holdem players from London, Britain, including Paul Beevers, Barny Boatman, Ross Boatman, and Ram Vaswani. They produced their name from a publication at night Standard from Séptember, 2k and also have been sponsoréd simply by businesses such as for example Prima Texas Holdem ánd Total Tilt Texas Hold’em. All of them are regular attendees óf worldwide texas holds ’em tournaments and creators the thehedonmob. com, the largest Texas Hold’em player data source worldwide. The website has gathered thé outcomes of each texas hold’em tournamént in the globe since 2k, indexed simply by area, time, and player. The website was obtained simply by Global pokér index in 2013 and continues to supply international search positions for texas holdem pIayers.