Robert Ivy is a distinguished figure that has inspired much change during this era. He is a holder of Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee University and also a Masters in Architecture degree from the University of Tulane. He is currently presiding over the AIA, American Institute of Architects. Much public attention was focused on him as he was granted the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the MIAL, Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Being the first architect to bag the Polk Award, the announcement marked an onset of celebrating his artistic achievements for many years to come. Find out more about Robert Ivy at Archinect

Robert Ivy is identified with his contributions in enabling the public at large to be well conversant with the concepts of architecture. MIAL President Nancy LaForge holds strongly the thought that Robert Ivy has effectively impacted the world which calls for his position in the long list of Noel Polk Award. He deserves the honor for his success as an architect author in addition to his reputable long service as the CEO of AIA going back to 2011.

As a native of Mississippi, Robert Ivy achievements made so far puts him as a suitable person to look up to in his profession. Notably, he is accredited for the AIA massive effect globally and the latest statistics showing that the organization consists of the highest membership composition in its history. In addition, he prides himself on receiving several awards prior to the Noel Polk Award. For instance, he was recognized by the National Architecture Association for his design communication and handed over the Dean’s Medal from the Arkansas Fay Jones University

On 2nd of June, in a grand ceremony, at Mississippi Institute of Arts, Robert Ivy officially accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award along with the likes of Pearl River Glass Studio designer Andrew Cary Young. His creativity and innovation in the field of architecture continue to manifest as countless individuals across the world commend him. He represents an epitome of change and development that the current generation greatly desire. He has so far ushered in a fast-paced growth of the architectural industry with his ingenious aspects.

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