Why Barbara Stokes is an innovative leader

Disaster relief construction is an industry that is considered to be tough. That is why it is not easy to succeed in this industry if you do not put the necessary effort that is required. The sector is a complex one, and it needs a proper strategy to produce good results. For example, you may find that at times there is a huge business, but during some months of the year, there is fluctuation. However, Barbara Stokes is achieving a lot with her company known as Green Structure Homes. The company is based in Alabama and deals with disaster relief construction. She has a vision to be innovative in the industry and achieve what many may think is not possible. She has some of the best leadership skills, and that is why she successfully runs her company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.


Barbara Stokes came up with great services that are useful to many. There is the designing of buildings, and one can choose onsite construction mainly when dealing with modular and mobile homes. GSM has also ventured in the commercial sector, and they are doing well. Their other focus is offering residential constructions. She serves as the CEO of the company and ensures operations are working well. She is the one in charge of ensuring they are innovative, coming with strategies for growth and deals with issues of government regulation.

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Barbara Stokes has achieved such success because of her understanding of being innovative in the industry. She also ensures customers are served according to their demands, and they are satisfied. Her company gives some of the best housing solutions in the country. The aim is to offer services that are economical, uses energy efficiently; they are environmentally friendly and use of advanced technology. These are attributes that make her company be the leading in the industry. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.