Organo Gold Coffee: Sharing With The World

Organo Gold is so unique, you will not find it at any local store. It also will not be at your local coffee shop to enjoy either. Instead, the company from Canada has created a successful networking of their coffee beverages through distributors all across the world. They gear the Organo Gold brand toward the healthy lifestyle coffee drinker. Watch this video on Youtube.

They have a vast product line that includes nutritional shakes and flavored teas. This includes the delicious ganoderma blends of hot chocolate, supplements and lattes. Many entrepreneurs have joined the Organo Gold team to become a distributor. They have found financial freedom in providing the beverages to surrounding communities and all around the world. There are no restrictions to join as a distributor. If you love coffee and enjoy being around others with the same vision, you are a perfect candidate as a distributor.


Who is the genius behind Organo Gold? It began with veteran networking businessman Bernardo Chua. He came up with the idea to offer his coffee beverage to a variety of people from coast to coast instead of keeping it locked down on a grocery shelf. Chua saw the opportunity as coffee lovers grew in the Western and Eastern states. As of this date, places like Seattle and San Francisco have the most coffee drinkers who demand organic farming and bean origination from the regions. Organo Gold has continued to strive and find it own unique success in a challenging market. They use a Scientific Advisory Board along with a chief medical consultant to assist in their decisions when running the business. The distributors are welcome to purchase from the Organo Gold wholesale facilities and share in all the profits. This has created a domino effect for the company and has generated a lot of revenue over the years. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

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