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Some of the citizens of Grand Rapids, MI are having some trouble reconciling the controversial Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos with the one they used to know.


While DeVos is seen as pragmatic, generous and affable, even by those who disagree with her right-wing political leanings, the one working for the Trump Administration comes off as aloof, unprepared and wholly unqualified for the position.


These types of descriptions are not what people who know her would generally say about her, except, they are.


DeVos was born in Holland, MI in 1958 to Edgar and Elsa Prince. Her father, a billionaire industrialist who promoted conservative values and issues in his part of the state. In her Dutch community along the Michigan shore, DeVos was raised in the Christian Reform Church. After college, she wed Dick DeVos, son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos.


They both have worked over the years to transform the state to line up with their conservative ideals. The mega-wealthy couple’s delve into charter schools is well known. She has worked tirelessly to transform most schools and steer them towards her agenda. Regardless of what is said about her, no one can deny she’s a fighter with a great deal of political clout.


No one is really surprised about her convictions regarding education. Her strict Calvin College upbringing and ties to the Netherlands pretty much sums it up. Back in the 1800s, religious and liberal education factions warred for years regarding how Dutch religious schools should be funded.


Many people say DeVos’s stance is dancing on a very fine line that separates church and state. Even American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten believes that DeVos is going out of her way to destroy pubic education.


But one of the biggest knocks against DeVos that they do practice in the Netherlands is school monitoring. DeVos has yet to sign on with monitoring charter schools. Right now, the schools she helped open in Michigan have test scores well behind the many in other states.


Gary Nayerdart, former charter school advocacy group director in Michigan says that people should neither pre-judge or criticize DeVos because of the condition of Michigan’s charter schools. He attributes the decline to state dysfunction and other issues beyond DeVos’s control.


Regardless, supporters and foes alike call for school monitoring. Wayne State University instructor Thomas Pedroni says DeVos has promoted many policies that have left schools in a lurch.


But aside from that, her first months in office as Education Secretary have been shaky to say the least. From a painful confirmation hearing where she answered the question about the necessity of guns in schools with being for protection against grizzly bears. And the cringe-worthy moment about HBCU’s being the original pioneers of school choice.


While many people still cheer for DeVos to do well, other simply chalk it up to the hiring of a good person who does a bad job.


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Dr. Saad Saad Legacy as Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a renowned surgeon who is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. For the last 40 years, he has done thousands of composite pediatric surgeries on kids of different ages from toddlers to teenagers. He has traveled to Jerusalem eight times to participate in the medical mission of performing free surgeries to the poor children.

Saad received his medical degree in 1971 from the University of Cairo in Egypt with honors where Saad was ranked second in his class. In 1964 as a 3rd-year student, he purchased an airline ticket from Egypt to Lebanon where he did his ECFMG examinations. He passed well in his exams which gave him an opportunity to train in the United States. He did his internship in England and later migrated to the United States in 1973 after completing. He has served as a Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief of K Hovnanian Hospital. Dr. Saad was a very productive in his surgical profession treating pediatric patients in his community and outside his community. He always pushed to improve medical techniques to help his pediatric patients.

In the 1980s his dedication to his profession was interrupted by an opportunity that made him move back to the Middle East together with his family. He was requested by a Royal family to help as a pediatric specialist. He qualified for this unique opportunity because he could speak both English and Arabic and was the only one in the U.S who was a licensed pediatric surgeon. Board certification in the United States is difficult because it requires continuous surgical exercise, exceptional training and passing rigorous tests after every ten years and it is mandatory. Moving to another country particularly to Saudi Arabia is very difficult for almost everyone. But for Dr. Saad, he said he was comfortable and did not feel like being out of place. To him, this was a golden opportunity in his profession that is received by very few people- Working for a loyal family. He started working for the Royal family in 1985 and spent four and half years in Saudi Arabia. He enjoyed sharing his knowledge and giving lectures to the team of doctors he was working with.

Dr. Saad as a surgeon, he focused on refining the current surgical techniques. He challenged ordinary practices by pursuing to advance surgical techniques and reducing the pain and risk that his young patient may experience. He invented a device that would help trace the catheter without any type of gadget scan in the body of a patient. He designed the catheter to utilize electromagnetic energy and identify the location of the catheter. He also invented endoscope which features an anti-fog that has a device of suction-irrigation to make the view clear. It provides an unobstructed view to the surgeons. Dr. Saad is currently retired and lives with his family in Red Bank. Learn more:

Scott Rocklage Leads Fight for a Cure

Scott Rocklage is a passionate business owner and leader. During his career, he has helped hundreds of people start successful companies. He started a business called 5 AM Ventures. 5 AM Ventures is a company dedicated to helping new business owners. With the strong economy, many people have interest in starting a company. Scott Rocklage believes that starting a company is one of the best things that anyone can do. In the coming years, Scott Rocklage plans to continue working at this company.


Scott Rocklage is also working on various projects in the medical field. He firmly believes that the medical field can be significantly enhanced. As a result, he wants to use technology to lower costs.



Early Career for Scott Rocklage


Scott Rocklage has had a great career in various ways. Many people are excited about the changes that are taking place throughout the world. Scott Rocklage encourages people to start companies because he wants them to have more options in life. People who own a successful company have more income and more control over their time.


With new technology, it is relatively easy to get started operating a business. Now is the time for people to start working together on a plan for the future.



Business Tips


Scott Rocklage has a lot of tips for people who want to operate a successful company. He is always looking for ways to take his company to a new level. He continually reads business and management books designed to improve himself as a person and leader. Many people enjoy hearing about his life and career. Although he has a busy schedule, Scott Rocklage enjoys what he does each day.


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