End Citizens United Helping Restructure The Country’s Elections Financing Law

The elections in the United States have become a matter of discussion these days as the outcome of the elections are fairly judged by the amount of money political candidates can spend. The political candidate who spends more on election campaign can influence the public and get more votes and eventually, win. The Supreme Court of the United States has made it easier for the corporations to spend money on the elections. In 2010, Supreme Court gave a verdict saying that the organizations, individuals, and corporations can spend money as they wish in the polls to favor the politicians of their choice.

End Citizens United is one of the most active political action committees that were set up by Tiffany Mueller in 2015 to help create awareness about the way the money is misused in elections. End Citizens United believes that while using money in elections is not a bad thing, but there has to be some amount of accountability and transparency. As of now, the corporations have the right to spend as much money as they wish on the elections to back the political candidate of their choice. It becomes difficult for the political candidates without much financial backing to make an impact on the voters in elections, and thus, hope for a fair and neutral election continues to get thinner with time.

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End Citizens United is a PAC that aims to not only create awareness about how the elections are being controlled by the corporations and affluent families in the country, but also raise fund to financially back the political candidates that support the campaign finance reform. End Citizens United aims to help put political candidates that don’t accept corporations’ money for their elections in Congress. It is what would help the ECU in the long-term to overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court. The End Citizens United has aimed to raise a total of $35 million by the end of 2018 and has already raised around $4 million in the first couple of months of the year.

Some of the political candidates that End Citizens United would be endorsing this year are Ro Khanna, John Sarbanes, Elijah Cummings, Ben Ray Lujan, Jerry McNerney, Jan Schakowsky, Pramila Jaypal, Ted Deutch, Cheri Bustos, Matt Cartwright, and more. End Citizens United aims to make a difference in the country’s political scenario, which continues to deteriorate with time. End Citizens United has been trying to create a moment that would help people realize the way the corporations has infiltrated the campaign financing system. The corporations back the political candidates of their choice and making it impossible for the people to have a neutral choice as to whom to support in the elections.

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The Trabuco: The Bad Neighbor Of Minerve

Long ago in the medieval lands of Europe there was a town known as Minerve. This place was a refuge to the Cathars who were fleeing persecution from the Catholic Church in the 13th century. The Cathars believed that the Catholic Church needed to be reformed. The Church no longer tolerated the Cathars and their heretical beliefs. So, they sent Count Simon de Montfort to wipe them out.

The Count was sent to destroy the stronghold of Catharism known as Beziers. This town was wiped out by Count Simon. The remaining Cathar supporters fled to the town of Minerve. Once they were there they fortified the surrounding community. The thing about Minerve was that it was also a stronghold that was hewn into the side of a mountain. It was more than just a city but a natural fortress as well.

When Count Simon arrived at Minerve he knew that he had to destroy every person in the fortress. He knew that he could not scale or bring down the fortress with conventional means. So, he used a powerful trabuco known as the trebuchet to batter the walls of this stronghold. He had one trabuco at his disposal known as The Bad Neighbor.

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The Bad Neighbor was a powerful sling that could hurl two-ton rocks at targets over long distances. Count Simon had relied primarily on this powerful war machine to weaken the foundations of the enemy’s stronghold according to youtube.com. The two-ton rocks continuously crashed onto the side of the fortress. The Bad Neighbor was just one of the many different types of large scale trebuchets being used at the time. However, most people from that battle truly remember the devastating effects of the Bad Neighbor the most.

Over 200 soldiers, peasants, villagers, knights, priests and craftsman were massacred for being heretics or for being associated with heretics. After Minerve fell to Count Simon, this military commander was wiped out of existence by a stone from a trabuco in another battle. The memory of the Bad Neighbor still lives on.

Source: https://www.dicio.com.br/trabuco/