Betsy DeVos Visits Florida Charter Schools With The Rapper Pitbull

Betsy DeVos recently joined up with Queen Rania of Jordan and Melania Trump to pay a visit to Excel Academy in Washington, which is a charter school for girls. During her visit, she commented on the great job that the school is doing to live up to the standards of the kids and the parents who sent them to the school. She also visited a spread of private schools in Florida including a charter school that was founded by the rapper, Pitbull. She made an appearance with Pitbull during her visit and talked more about the benefits of private schools.


Betsy DeVos has visited schools in Florida quite a few times as the Secretary of Education, and she has publicly stated that the schools in Florida are a model for the rest of the United States. She has plenty of reason to care so much about the “Sunshine State,” because her husband owns a home there and her father-in-law purchased the state’s NBA basketball team. She also paid a visit to CARE Elementary School, which is a beneficiary of the state’s Tax Credit Scholarship program, which is a law that gives people and companies who donate money to private schools tax incentives. DeVos also showed up to a couple other universities and colleges in Florida as well as public schools in the area.


Betsy DeVos was well aware of the fact that Pitbull had already been a part of the opening of numerous charter schools in Miami, and his school along with many charter schools in Florida, as a whole, are receiving large amounts of funding from the state capital. In the past, representatives of the state of Florida have pushed to relax charter school rules, and some of these representatives have also been a part of the schools by being invested in them on a personal level. Pitbull, who founded Doral College, helped to open its doors in 2013, and many people weren’t exactly happy about him being the head of the school due to his history of drug and alcohol abuse and profanity-laden lyrics. Some people aren’t exactly sure how Pitbull is having a positive effect on the different charter schools he is a part of other than showing up here and there to visit them. Some see it as beneficial, and others can’t help but see it as a marketing gig.


Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States, and she has always been a strong supporter of private schools and charter schools as well as the rights of a parent to choose where their children get an education. One of her favorite causes that she supports has to do with allowing vouchers paid for by the public that cover the costs of charter schools. These would help low-income families and other families who don’t have a choice as to where their children are going to school by providing them with the extra help they need to put their kids in the schools of their choosing.


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