What Kim Dao does on a winter morning in Japan


Kim Dao starts off by introducing the video she is about to do. She invites viewers to like, comment and subscribe to her channel KimDao as well as her other social media linked in the description. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/


After about ten alarms, she gets up and plays games on her phone. She introduces viewers to one in particular and gives a brief overview of the game. Afterwards, she checks all social media, replies to comments and updates her pages.


She then gets up to make herself a cup of coffee and breakfast. In this case, she has oatmeal. After eating, Kim Dao brushes her teeth and cleanses her face. She describes her skin care treatment for the winter which includes moisturizing and toning. Kim describes each product she uses. She starts applying her makeup. First, she puts on primer, mist cushion, concealer and loose powder. She fills her brows and applies makeup to her eyes. She does a simple smoky-eye and describes in detail the way she does every step. First eye shadow, then eyeliner and finally mascara. She then applies blush, bronzer and highlighter. Lip gloss is the last step to her makeup routine.


Kim Dao then chooses her clothes, which have lately been casual, and gets dressed. She puts nourishing oil on her hair.


After getting dressed, Kim Dao puts everything she needs for the day in her bag. She heads out to start her day in the world.

There is footage of later that day as she invites viewers to subscribe to her channel and support her work.


Why Hire Rishard Mishaani Design for your Interior Design Matters

You will agree that there are so many Interior Designers out there thus it often gets confusing to pick the best for you. All claim to offer the best possible services in the most cost effective rates. But then whom do you select? If you want to know why Richard Mishaan designers are the best read on.

  1. Education matters

When you are taking your pick from the wide range of interior designers, don’t forget to take into account their educational qualification. Their skills act as a gateway to their competence and expertise. When the designer has a certificate from a well-known institute, it shows that they have the required skill and knowledge. It is for no reason that Richard Mishaan interior designers are so much in demand.

  1. Years of experience

Experience shows the kind of exposure you have had. When hiring designers, do not forget to go through their work, it will give you some ideas. Check out their sample to have a clear idea of the kind of projects he is involved in. For instance, Richard Mishaan designers have done a lot of popular and smart design work.

  1. Budget involved

Interior designing is an expensive affair but you do not need to worry much. Have a flexible budget so that you can accommodate the cost accordingly. You can save more money by buying all the items required on your own. One of the major reasons you are hiring Richard Mishaan designers is because you want them to look after everything while you can sit and relax and get your house organized the way you want.


Once you consider the tips mentioned above, you will find that Richard Mishaan designers are the best. Before you award the project don’t forget to fix the deadlines within which you want the work to be completed we believe that Richard Mishaan design will meet them all.







Things You Need To Know About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a great achiever, and over the past years, he has successfully through all the challenges that most attorneys go through. He has turned out to be among the most sought out lawyers in Brazil, and still, hopes to develop himself and become better in the coming years.

Through his vast experience, Bruno Fagali has successfully created a massive network in his field of specialization, which has made him outstanding among other attorneys in his country. He recently started his law firm, through which he attends to the needs of his broad range of customers and tackles their issues wholeheartedly.

Due to Bruno Fagali`s skillful and amendable strategic plans, he has been able to achieve a lot since his venture into the field of law and has out shined most old law firms in the country regardless of their large establishment even in the ancient times. Bruno Fagali gained his amendable skills from working in one of the most prestigious law firms in Brazil including Radi Calil Associados Advocados. The firm had a vast number of skilled personnel who mentored Bruno to act fast and bring out the best in defending his clients.

Follow Bruno Fagali on Twitter

Bruno Fagali encourages people to be hardworking and put all the required effort o as to accomplish their goals. He believes that hard work motivates individuals towards applying measures that lead to his success and also prevents them from failure as a result of ignorance.

Besides, Bruno Fagali believes in the art of innovation and insists that creativity makes one different from others regarding their operations and products that they offer. Fagali insists that creation of new ideas ensures that one is not left behind as a result of the current technology and also it enables one drive unique strategies that cater for the diverse needs of their clients.

Bruno Fagali is also a great motivator and leader evident from the way he runs his current venture. He always works hard towards mentoring and encouraging his team of employees to put all the effort they can to serve their clients in a polite manner and great professionalism.

Learn more about Bruno Fagali: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/comunicacao/2016/05/30/acho-saudavel-que-haja-revisao-de-contratos-diz-bob-vieira.html

Adam Milstein: A success in so many ways:


*Adam MIlstein: Respected for his devotion to the Jewish People:


Adam Milstein is an Philanthropist as well as a successful Real-Estate Investor. Adam Milstein currently holds a position as Managing Partner with the organization Hager Pacific Properties.


Milstein is also the founder of the Adam and Gilda Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation was formed in 2000 by Adam Milstein and his wife Gilda.


Milstein was born in Israel but eventually found his way to the United States. In the early 1970’s Adam Milstein joined the Isralei Defense Forces. Adam Milstein attended the Techninon School. Milstein did well at Techninon and Graduated with a Bachelor Science Degree in Business & Econimics.


Immediately after graduation Adam Milstein went to work for his father at his construction- investment & real-estate business. Milstein made the decision to move to the United States permanently in early 1981.


Adam Milstein decided to further his education. He attended the University of Southern California where he earned his Masters in Business Administration. Milstein realized the importance of higher education after he moved to the United States.


After Graduating from University of Southern California is when Adam Milstein’s career in Commercial Real-Estate really began. Milstein has been quite successful within the field of Commercial Real-estate.


Milstein is quite outspoken about issues concerning the rights of the Jewish People. Milstein is the Co-Founder of the Israeli American Council. In addition, he sits on several boards including Hasbara Fellowships.


Due to his hard work and efforts in 2016, Adam Milstein was recognized for his outspokenness concerning the rights of the Jewish People. In addition, Milstein was also recognized for his hard work and success in business.




More About Richard Mishaan Design

Most people who know Richard Mishaan associate him with his cultural background and prowess in turning simple spaces into design wonders. He is also known for his interior design firm called Richard Mishaan Design.



For anyone who knows Richard Mishaan knows that he is a graduate from New York University. He is also a graduate from the Columbia University School of Architecture. When he was at New York University, Mishaan earned a BA degree. After completing his studies, he also did an apprenticeship at Philip Johnson’s offices. It is while he was there that he got the idea to start his own interior design firm.



As an interior designer, Mishaan is not your average professional. He is keen on transforming spaces into architectural wonders. He always finds a way of blending his love for fashion with design and coming up with amazing hues and artful pieces. Richard Mishaan Design has attracted many clients because of the able leadership of Mishaan and his staff.



Richard Mishaan Design offers residential and commercial clients tasteful design options that are stylish yet modern. Depending on what you want to come up with for your space, the professionals will see to it that you get value for your money. Many clients in the hospitality industry find Richard Mishaan Design helpful in determining which interior design eras to blend into their spaces.



When Mishaan is not working, he loves to spend time with his wife. He also travels a lot and finds inspiration in about anything. Mishaan is also an author and has two books to his name. Artfully Modern is one of the books he has written. It is a great read for anyone looking for inspiration and ideas for their own space. Both books were published by Monacelli Press.